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ZuluTrade is the ideal option for traders who like an automated trading system and are looking to save time. This platform is one of the most popular, large on the market. But opinions about it are divided online.

To avoid risks, try to start trading on the platform by using a demo account. This will prevent the possibility of losing the money invested. If you ignore the emotional comments of users about this platform on the Internet, you can notice that ZuluTrade has 30,000 active users, who get an average of about 30% per annum. Signals for traders on this platform are free, the minimum account is 500 c.u.

The developers of the ZuluTrade platform claim that it is one of the most effective platforms for automated trading. By eliminating the emotional factor, which is inherent to humans, they were able to achieve an increase in profitability from trades. The platform does not require the trader to open and close trades in time. The only task is to trust the system. The platform does not have any serious technical requirements and will work on PC, with OS starting from Windows XP, Macintosh.

The work starts with the selection of a reliable broker, at which the trader will open the working account. We recommend reading carefully the reviews and top sites. It is worth paying attention not only to Forex brokers but also to binary options brokers. After that, you need to find a suitable provider and you can start trading.

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✅Advantages of the ZuluTrade platform

  • Full automation of the process. It saves time, energy, and nerves. There is no need for traders to get serious training, build working strategies. More free time as compared to traders who trade without automation.
  • The provider doesn’t charge for the activity of the trader. All the money he earns will stay on the trader’s account.
  • The system gives the possibility of testing. To do this, the trader is given a demo account, during the use of which it will be possible to understand whether the system is suitable or not.
  • Thanks to the global popularity of the platform, the choice of provider will be easy as there are more than a thousand of them and every trader will find their ideal parameters.
  • Thanks to the system of ratings and subscribers, a client can identify the most successful traders. This gives a clear idea of their qualifications. You can also see what providers these traders use.
  • If it is so convenient for the trader, he can work independently using the services of different providers. It is possible to do it simultaneously in one account.
  • The system analyzes the trading strategies of successful speculators. The trader can also view the history of his deals. Thanks to this, it is possible to make a comparative analysis and draw conclusions.

❌Disadvantages of the ZuluTrade platform

  • A trader will have to start with a minimum amount of $500. This is more than the minimum deposit on many platforms.
  • Sometimes, the connection to the platform is not stable. Because of this, the signals are delayed.
  • Since Providers make their profit from the performed operations, the trader has a chance to run into the pipers.

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