Vitaly Buterin and a representative of Ilon Musk joined the developers of Dogecoin 


The nonprofit Dogecoin Foundation will work with the creator of ethereum and a representative of the head of Tesla. The project was launched in 2014, but then it was suspended. The resumed organization plans to raise investments and develop DOGE.

The main tasks of Dogecoin Foundation is the development and maintenance of the altcoin. Now the main goal of the project is to attract investments and create a budget for the next 3 years. The funds raised will be used to pay Dogecoin developers. 

Prospects for altcoin development

Dogecoin Foundation may move the “meme” coin into the category of a full-fledged payment instrument. Buterin’s joining the organization points to the prospects of altcoin development, as the Ethereum founder is not involved in dubious projects. Experts have identified two options for the future of Dogecoin. In the first case, the altcoin will turn into a full-fledged payment instrument, in the second – it will cease to exist. 

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Technical Analysis