The fight against cybercrime reaches a new level: will there be a law to block the sites of fraudsters?


On March 23 the State Duma of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the inter-faction working group for the creation of bills aimed at combating cybercrime. The main topic of the meeting was the need to block sites specializing in investment pyramid schemes. At the moment the bill is agreed with the representatives of Russian Central Bank. Presumably, it will be approved in the spring of 2021.

“This will give the Central Bank and the federal prosecutor’s office the right to block sites that distribute fraudulent services, the possibility of pyramids – what is called phishing sites,” explained the deputy Khinshtein.

Representatives of the Association of Forex-dealers welcome this decision. The head of the organization Eugene Masharov said that the websites of many companies are blocked but some dubious firms are still operating. Expert thinks that it is a fair decision to make brokers confirm the legality of their activities before they start working on the Russian market. It is worth noting that the law on “pre-trial blocking” was taken for consideration back in 2019, but it was never approved.

Fraud in the Internet sphere

Statistics show that out of 10 phone calls made in the Russian Federation, 1 is made by scammers. Sberbank stated that more than 90% of suspicious transactions are subject to block as early as the preparation stage. Deputies believe that if all fraud attempts via the Internet and telecommunications are registered, their share among all crimes can reach 80%.

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