Starlink cryptocurrency grew by almost 150% in three days


SpaceX announced the launch of 53 Starlink satellites into Earth orbit. This happened on 11/13/2021. The news provoked a sudden rise in the StarLink altcoin. 

During the three-day period, the token went up by 145%. The coin’s price reached a historical high of $0.000084. CoinGecko reports that StarLink has a capitalization of more than $700 million. 

StarLink altcoin is not a project of Ilon Musk and is not related to his companies. The system in which this cryptocurrency is created is considered a metacurrency for developing NFT tokens, storing information and displaying it on the network. After 5:00 p.m. Moscow time on November 15, the value of altcoin fluctuated around the $0.000070 mark. Within 30 days, the cryptocurrency rose about 450%.

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