Russian investors’ interest in foreign stocks is growing


Moscow Exchange has announced the results of trading in shares of foreign companies. According to statistics, securities of this category are very popular among Russian investors. 

Since the start of trading in foreign stocks, the number of investors who have made transactions with them in the Mosbirch exceeded the mark of 200 thousand. On average, trading turnover with the participation of this financial instrument for the day is 3.5 billion rubles. Today, more than 70 banks and forex brokers provide their clients with access to foreign shares through the Moscow Exchange. 

Representatives of the trading floor argue that trading in securities of foreign companies was launched at the request of traders. The share of such assets in the total turnover of trading on the stock market is about 4%. As the popularity of foreign stocks in Russia grows, Mosbirge plans to increase the number of foreign securities from 204 to 500. Next year this figure may reach 1,000. 

Russian forex dealers also have to expand the range of assets. This is due to the fact that many licensed brokers in 2021 are trading at zero or even in deficit. Thus, forex dealer FINAM announced the probable addition of CFDs to the list of financial instruments.

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