Top cryptocurrencies 2022

The popularity of digital assets is constantly rising. A lot of them seem very beneficial for trading and investing so traders are curious about how to choose a top cryptocurrency to invest in. It’s the first step towards a successful trading career. On our platform, you can find fair information about crypto assets and the top cryptocurrency list where digital instruments are ranked in accordance with their key characteristics.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency — digital money. Digital coins can be used when paying for commodities, and services online, as well as for reading. Cryptocurrencies are stored in e-wallets or in other specialized systems. The level of security that is used for the storage of digital assets is maximum.

How cryptocurrencies are different from fiduciary money:

  • the necessity to be supported by network users;
  • decentralization and no central regulator;
  • digital currencies don’t exist physically;
  • transactions are anonymous.

Investors are interested in cryptocurrencies and this is the only reason the market cap of such trending assets as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, Solana, and others, is constantly rising.

Crypto trading peculiarities

Prices of cryptocurrencies are volatile so crypto trading is a high-risk affair. That’s why traders often feel uncertain when choosing an asset. So we compiled the rating of top cryptocurrency assets to help you choose the most profitable instrument for trading. Except for the rating, our experts are performing fair and professional reviews of the most popular assets.

Your profits depend not only on the top cryptocurrency but on the chosen trading strategy as well:

  • day-trading. Deals are opened at the beginning of the day and orders are closed at the end of the day;
  • “buy and hold”. This strategy is about buying coins when their rates are falling. You need to hold them until the price of the chosen asset doesn’t go up;
  • swing-trading. This method is about opening short- and middle-term deals lasting a few days or weeks.

According to the statistics, 40% of investors are performing a “buy and hold” strategy. This is a risky affair because there is no guarantee that new quotations of the asset will be higher. To decrease this risk, traders should estimate the dynamics of cryptocurrency rates development. Fundamental and technical analysis should be applied.

Choosing the right top cryptocurrency to buy is the beginning of the successful trading activity

The financial market is constantly changing so you need a reliable partner to provide you with the freshest updates on the market cap and other important features of the trending cryptocurrencies. On our site, you will find fair and professional reviews from the best analytical experts.

Follow our updates on ForexReviewDaily to learn about top cryptocurrencies and watch our new rating of the best digital assets where only prospectus coins are ranked.

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Technical Analysis

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