Musk uses NFT to divert people’s attention from the events at Tesla


For the past month, the whole world has been talking about NFT, which began to be actively used not only by cryptocurrency traders, but also by show business stars, famous businessmen, and politicians. The excitement started when everyone started selling works of art en masse, the rights to which were backed by non-interchangeable tokens. The technology eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting NFTs without the knowledge of their owner, so interest in it continues to grow rapidly.

The case was not without Elon Musk, who introduced a track about NFT and was going to sell it as a non-fungible token. This became known on March 15, when the billionaire wrote about his intention on Twitter. The song is accompanied by a looped video of a gold statuette and the inscription “NFT.” The composition is also complemented by a reference to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, in which the price of the token was billed. However, it was not clear whether this was true or a joke, because there were no links to the page with the lot attached to the tweet.

Elon Musk sell song about ТАЕ as NFT

Musk was going to sell the track for 420 million Dogecoin. It is also known that Mike Winkelmann offered $69 million for this work. For the same amount of money, the artist sold his painting as NFT, presented in the form of a collage of images that he had previously published on the network. It is unknown whether this deal could have happened, but on March 17, Elon Musk announced that he had changed his mind about selling the song because he thought such a hasty decision was wrong. It is hard to judge how serious the Tesla founder was, but his tweets caused a stir and distracted the public from the news about the reshuffle in the company’s management and the investigation related to the accident involving the brand’s car.

In April, auction house Sotheby’s plans to exhibit digital artwork by Murat Pak as NFT. The exact date of the event remains unknown. This is not the first case of an auction involving non-mutually exchangeable tokens. For example, we can recall a painting by the artist Banksy, a burnt copy of which was sold for more than 228.5 Ethereum.

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