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Lightspeed Trader, Eze EMS Pro, Sterling Trader Pro, Sterling Vol Trader, SILEXX OEMS, Wex

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Domestic or international bank transfer, day/night check, ACH and ACAT

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  1. General Information
  2. Broker advantages
  3. Disadvantages of the broker
  4. Investment programs
  5. Affiliate program
  6. Trading terms
  7. Commissions
  8. Types of accounts
  9. Bonus program
  10. Training materials
  11. Safety Guarantee
  12. Depositing and withdrawing funds
  13. Support service
  14. Overview of personal cabinet
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  16. Lightspeed customer reviews

Lightspeed is an American online stock broker. The company cooperates with experienced traders, providing access to standard and margin trading on international securities markets. The broker's clients can choose a suitable tariff plan and trading platform with favorable conditions.

📊 Assets Stocks, futures, options
⚖️ Leverage 1:2 at night and 1:4 during daytime trading hours
➕ Affiliate Program Yes
💰 Minimum deposit $10 000
💳 Account currency USD
💹 Spreads From $2.50 per transaction
💸 Brokerage accounts Individual Account, Joint Account, Corporate Account, LLC Account, Partnership Account, Trust Account, Retirement Account
🎁 Bonuses No
📱 Mobile Platform Yes

General Information

Lightspeed stock broker is focused on professional traders. The trading conditions of the company are favorable for investors with big trading turnovers and high level of initial capital. The broker's priority is given to the traders who make deals on the financial markets by themselves. For this reason Lightspeed does not have the possibility of trust management of accounts and automatic trading.

Lightspeed positions itself as a stock broker. The company provides customers with the ability to trade options, stocks and futures. There are no cryptocurrency, commodity, and currency market assets on the online broker's trading platforms.

Broker advantages

  • A wide range of trading platforms.
  • The possibility of using leverage.
  • High speed of order execution.
  • Availability of compensatory capital for paying investors in case of broker's bankruptcy.

Disadvantages of the broker

  • Absence of popular trading terminals MT4 and MT5.
  • High minimum deposit.
  • Absence of possibilities for passive income on the financial markets.
  • The presence of a large number of trading and non-trading commissions.

Investment programs

Lightspeed is oriented on the clients, who do not need help in trading. For this reason, the broker has not provided investment programs for passive income. Lightspeed also does not have the platform for automatic trades copying.

Affiliate program

Affiliate program

The online broker offers its clients the opportunity to cooperate with the Web Partner program. Investors owning their own website can join the affiliate program. You can attract new clients to Lightspeed by sending out e-mails, advertising on your web-site and by other available methods in order to get paid under the affiliate program. The affiliate program is suitable for investors who want to earn extra income.

Trading terms

Customers of Lightspeed brokerage company have access to several trading terminals. They can choose an appropriate platform in accordance with their trading volume, trading strategy, necessary analytical instruments and other parameters. In addition to the standard trading terminals, investors can also trade through a mobile application. The mobile platform combines all the basic functions and charts capabilities.

Available Lightspeed trading terminals:

  1. Lightspeed Trader. This platform guarantees higher routing precision and speed of order processing. The terminal is developed on the basis of Microsoft Windows and Intel technologies.
  2. Eze EMS Pro. It includes advanced order entry, multi-account trading for RIA and hedge funds, multi-asset trading on one account.
  3. Sterling Trader Pro. This platform is suitable for professional traders who work with fast-changing financial markets.
  4. Sterling Vol Trader. Users of this trading platform have access to options trading and complicated analytical tools for calculating risks.
  5. SILEXX OEMS. A multi-asset trading platform gives investors access to trading multiple assets on a single account.
  6. Wex. Characterized by high functionality of options and availability of tools for effective trading in financial markets.

Traders can trade stock market assets in real time. Lightspeed broker cooperates with the leading liquidity providers, providing clients with the exact quotes online. Leverage of 1:4 during the daytime and 1:2 during the nighttime trading session can be used to increase the potential profit during the trading process.


Lightspeed charges both trading and non-trading commissions. The first ones include the spread, which starts at $2.50 per transaction. The company does not provide information about swaps (commissions for transferring open trades to the next trading day), therefore it is worth checking with the managers additionally when opening an account.

The broker's non-trading commissions include fees for account maintenance, account closing, and transaction cancellation. Traders in reviews note the presence of a fee for an inactive account. The broker also charges a commission for financial transactions. Its size depends on the transfer method and trading instruments used.

Types of accounts

Lightspeed broker offers several account types for standard and margin trading at financial markets. After registration company's clients can choose a suitable tariff: Individual Account, Joint Account, Corporate Account, LLC Account, Partnership Account, Trust Account, Retirement Account. Please, contact the managers of the company to learn more about the conditions of different accounts.

Lightspeed clients also have access to a demo account. This option is suitable for beginners for practicing their skills of trading at financial markets. You can also use the demo account to check the trading conditions of the online broker.

Bonus program

Bonus program

Because Lightspeed positioning itself as an online broker for professional investors, it does not provide any rewards in the form of bonuses. The company does not pay rewards for active trading, account opening, trading and non-trading operations.

Training materials

You can improve your trading skills by using educational materials to make your trading more profitable with Lightspeed. The online broker provides articles about trading in financial markets and also conducts online webinars. Investors can follow the news and study interesting materials about the financial markets in the company's blog.

On the online broker's website, one can download a guide on how to use open, closed and protective orders. Investors can also access instructions on how to install the trading terminals themselves. In the training section traders will find answers to frequently asked questions and a glossary of basic Internet trading terms.

Safety Guarantee

Lightspeed operates under the rules of the American financial regulators FINRA and SEC. The broker is also a member of the SIPC (corporation for protection of investors' rights). This organization provides traders with guarantees of financial compensation in case of bankruptcy of Lightspeed. The disadvantages of the company are the lack of segregated accounts, which guarantees the inaccessibility of investors' capital to the online broker.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Lightspeed customers have several ways to conduct financial transactions. You can choose domestic or international transfer via bank. Day/night check, ACH and ACAT are also available for traders. The latter will allow automatic transfer of investor accounts between different companies. The broker does not provide data on the speed of money transfers. You can find out about it from the manager of the company.

Support service

You can contact Lightspeed support team by phone or email. There is no online chat on the official website of the online broker. Traders can also find answers to general questions in the FAQ section. There is a feedback form on the company's website, where investors can leave contacts and wait for a call or letter from the manager.

Overview of personal cabinet

Trader's personal account is available after registration on the official website In your personal account you can choose a standard or demo account. If you choose the real account for trading on the stock market, you need to make an initial deposit. Financial transactions can be carried out in the personal account.

Trader's personal account contains information about trading accounts and financial operations. Traders can access news, training and analytical materials. The full history of trading operations conducted by the investor on all the accounts opened at the online broker is stored in the personal cabinet.





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Lightspeed customer reviews

Lightspeed reviews of traders indicate that mainly investors with large trading turnovers cooperate with the broker. The company's clients note the fast execution of transactions, the variety of trading terminals and the variety of tariffs. To the disadvantages of the online broker investors refer a high minimum deposit and the lack of opportunities for automatic trading.

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