Large investors bought 40 thousand bitcoins in 10 days


Over the past ten days, investors have bought about 40 thousand bitcoins. Bitcoin price began to rise amid such interest of major holders in the main digital coin. News from Amazon also contributed to the recovery of quotations after the bitcoin price fell below $30,000. On 07/26/2021, City A.M. reported that the platform plans to accept payments in cryptocurrency. 

On July 27, 2021, the rate of the main digital currency fell again to $37.2 thousand after an increase in quotations to $40.5 thousand on July 26. The fall in the value of Bitcoin occurred when Amazon denied rumors of support for BTC. 

Expert predictions

Experts’ opinions on the rate of the first cryptocurrency until the end of 2021 are divided. Some experts believe that against the backdrop of recent positive trends, we can wait for an update of the historical maximum value of bitcoin in the coming months. Also, there is an opinion that the rate of Bitcoin may go down again and even reach the mark of $10,000. But experts believe that in this case, investors will actively buy coins, so the price will quickly recover to the level of $20-25 thousand. 

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