Israeli police identified two of 26 fraud suspects 


Israeli police and the FBI investigated and arrested 26 people on October 6 for fraudulent transactions in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. On October 8, the names of two suspects became known: Guy Greenberg and Snir Moshe Hananya. The identities of the other arrested Israelis have not yet been established. 

Guy Greenberg is a well-known entrepreneur in Israel in the technology sector. The businessman is accused of searching for sales experts through the social network Linkedin. 

Representatives of the police and the FBI searched the company’s premises, where trading schemes for trading in fiat and digital currencies were being developed. Details of the case were not disclosed. The target audience of the fraudsters are traders in the United States. During the investigation it was established the approximate amount of money the company managed to extract. The damage is estimated in millions of shekels.

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