Green energy share in Bitcoin mining exceeds 50%


Bitcoin Mining Council investigated the use of green energy in the production of the main digital currency. It reached 56% of global energy consumption in the crypto industry in Q2 2021.

There are 23 mining companies in BMC. They account for more than 30% of the total hash rate of the Bitcoin network. An analysis of the organization’s members’ activities showed that they used more than 67% of the renewable energy in bitcoin production in mining. 

To collect the data, BMC representatives conducted a survey among the mining companies, in which the participants of the study indicated

  • The amount of energy consumed by the mining farm;
  • The cumulative hash rate of the park;
  • The total percentage of “green” energy used to produce cryptocurrency.

BMC was created to bring together bitcoin producers, who will share information about energy consumption and hash rate. In this way, members of the organization will be able to provide information for research and educational programs. The BMC notes that mining the main digital currency becomes more efficient when the share of green energy increases.

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