Gold rises amid heightened inflation concerns


12.10.2021 Gold has risen in price due to concerns about rising inflation. The growth of the precious metals exchange rate is limited by anxieties related to the forthcoming reduction of stimulus from the Federal Reserve System.

On Tuesday, gold quotations exceeded $1769 per ounce by 17:00. Analysts are sure that besides inflationary expectations, the rate of precious metals is positively influenced by investors’ reduced appetite for risk. If alarms about inflation will continue to grow, the cost of gold in 2022 may exceed $1900 per ounce. 

Gold rates from October 5 to 12
Gold rates from October 5 to 12

On October 12, the price of gold rose despite the strengthening of the U.S. currency and an increase in U.S. government bond yields. As a rule, these factors have a negative impact on the quotations of precious metals.

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