In today’s world, forex market is regarded to be one of the most profitable online markets, which appeals to millions of people. People have different options when trading forex. Some prefer to trade foreign currencies to generate profits, while others want to trade with commodities. In this article, I will focus mainly on how to trade with commodities in forex market. 

How do we know about forex commodities?

The majority of traders usually reckon that commodities and forex are totally different instruments. In fact, you will experience something differently between foreign currencies and commodities. However, when we look at the two things from a different aspect, they are quite similar and connected.

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What types of forex commodities?

In forex market, commodities might have a close connection with some certain currencies. It can be clearly exemplified in the currency AUD of Australia that it can be affected when this country exports a large number of materials. Basically, you might not find some lessons of teaching people about how to capitalize on commodities in Western sectors, but you can find it in some Asian nations. 

In terms of China, many traders have a tendency to concentrate on commodities, and they sometimes use commodities for paying some services. It is obvious that the currency market of a country will be influenced when the value of commodities is too immense. 


Gold is considered to be a standard commodity in forex market as it always attracts big attention from traders. In reality, the currency of a country can be influenced if the price of gold changes. In terms of central banks, they normally use gold as a reserve. In some certain parts of the world, people have a tendency to buy gold because they do not trust their currencies. Obviously, gold is a valuable metal, which people can easily sell or buy. Additionally, gold is quite stable and it enables people to make possible profits.

Agricultural fore commodities

When it comes to these commodities especially corns, people usually feel suspicious of whether they can really make money with these commodities. However, it can be seen that corns are widely used for many different purposes on a regular basis, and it is therefore extremely necessary. In fact, when the price of corns, for example, increases, price of other things will also go up. 

Oil and natural Gas

The third type of commodities includes oil and natural gas, which are basic necessities. In reality, these two commodities are mainly used for transportation. If the price of these two commodities changes, currencies will be influenced. 

How do commodities impact on currencies?

The answer of whether commodities can have an impact on currency is quite obvious. Clearly, the value of currencies might change depending on the number of commodities that a country exports. The impact of commodities is really diverse because of its natural value. Therefore, before investing your money in a commodity, it would be crucially vital for you to look at its value and forecast whether you can really make profit with it or not. 

To sum up, for the sake of your success you must take forex commodities into consideration. As mentioned above, it is a must for you to understand how commodities work and types of commodities in forex market at present. After having a good knowledge about forex commodities, it’s time for you to make investments in commodities.