Facebook plans to rebrand – a first step toward creating a meta-universe


The American online edition of The Verge published a report reporting on Facebook’s plans to rebrand its name. According to a knowledgeable insider, Mark Zuckerberg plans to present an updated social network focused on the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg has been interested in digital technology and cryptocurrencies in particular since 2019. Facebook plans to take a leadership position in the metaverse. Already now the company is actively developing consumer hardware. Ten thousand employees have been hired for this purpose. One of Facebook’s developments is AR glasses, which, according to Zuckerberg, will be as popular in the metaclass universe as smartphones.  

The social media giant had previously worked on the Libra project, which faced criticism from regulators and was not launched. For now, the company must proceed cautiously, as the United States Congress is urging Zuckerberg to abandon his plans for a meta-universe. Regulators doubt the reliability of Facebook’s digital developments.

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