Dogecoin stopped reacting to tweets of Elon Musk


Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that Tesla electric cars will display the Dogecoin logo when the autopilot identifies a Shiba Inu dog. The altcoin price barely reacted to the message. Experts note a 2% increase in the DOGE exchange rate at the moment, but the value of the coin quickly returned to its previous position.

Musk’s latest tweet was a response to the report that Tesla’s electric car autopilot can distinguish between dogs. Previously, the billionaire had mentioned Dogecoin more than once, even asking his followers for their opinion on including altcoin in the list of possible ways to pay for the purchase of electric cars. 

Analysts suggest that investors have become more cautious about the Tesla founder’s tweets. According to experts, traders working on a speculative strategy benefited most from Musk’s messages about Dogecoin. 

Perhaps, the market is tired of the regular provocations of Elon Musk. Experts believe that the billionaire either drew attention to his person or pursued some commercial goals. It is hard to say how the Tesla founder will behave in the future. Probably, he will tell some unexpected news and direct his attention to some other digital asset, for example, Dbrain (DBR). Another plan of events is also probable when the billionaire will stop speaking about cryptocurrencies for a while to give the market a break from sharp rate hikes. 

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