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Dbraincoins (DBR) is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain developed by Dbrain. Initially, the issuance of tokens and the ICO were planned to attract investments to finance projects related to the development of programs based on AI. Later, the crypto-asset DBR was used in trading.

It is necessary to train the AI-first before it can perform any analysis using AI. This requires a lot of data. It is necessary to transcribe audio and correctly classify images. Data labeling is also required. Dbrain can help.

Dbrain, a fantastic platform built on the open blockchain system, is an amazing one. This is a great platform for crowdsourcing workers to complete these simple but time-consuming tasks. Important is the quality and accuracy of the labeling, as this is an important contributor to the success of AI.

After the crowdsource workers have finished labeling, data scientists can begin their work. They work with data scientists to create various AI applications by training neural networks. These apps are extremely useful and can be used by different businesses depending on their requirements.

Altcoin name DBR
Platform Ethereum
Number of tokens at the ICO 11 600 000 coins
Accepted currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum
The cost of one token 2.0 USD

Description of Dbraincoins. 

The use of Blockchain technologies allows traders to instantly transfer DBR into a cryptocurrency wallet. Predominantly positive feedback from investors about the digital coin is due to the speed of transactions and anonymity provided by the ETH network.

Why invest in Dbraincoins:

  • The cryptocurrency developer company is backed by major members of the digital community: Nvidia, Microsoft, Pro Skater, AWS Activate, and others.
  • The use of the PICARD protocol guarantees the privacy of personal data and the safety of traders’ funds.
  • Dbraincoins is a liquid asset that can be sold on the exchange and exchanged for dollars.

Dbrain conducted an ICO in 2018. The minimum capitalization, which the developers hoped for, was $5 million and was achieved during the trading process. 

Who can use Dbrain DBR

Data owners:
These people upload valuable data and host datasets to the platform.

They are responsible for assigning data blocks to relevant domains. They are responsible for verifying data sets in order to obtain additional DBR.

Data scientists:
They are primarily involved in training digital neural systems and creating AI-based dApps.

Businesses can either use existing AI solutions or request newer processing models that are tailored to their needs after a product is created.

Withdrawal of funds

Withdrawals are available worldwide at any convenient time. Coins can be stored in an electronic wallet or converted to dollars on a card or a mobile account. The last option the developers have provided for the users who don’t have a standard bank account. All transactions can be made in the trader’s personal cabinet. 


The developers of Dbraincoins emphasized data security, so they created tokens in the Ethereum network. Now the cryptocurrency is gaining value and has a steady growth in value. Blockchain technology made it possible to create a liquid and secure digital asset.

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