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Honest forex broker reviewer Forex Review about cTrader technology. This tool is effectively used in online trading by working with ECN accounts. The technology has features that provide comfort for beginners and professionals through instant information updates. This means that traders are aware of all the changes in the market within seconds and receive only reliable prices. The advantage of this approach is that even minor variables can be tracked and forex trading can be planned intelligently. 

The cTrader forex trading platform uses end-to-end order processing, which allows you to trade directly with the leading banks around the world (eliminating the broker link and getting the best price). The market process is done in a couple of clicks. This is a good opportunity to earn on fast trades.

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Why traders around the world value cTrader technology

Internet trading differs from regular trading in that it is very important to win the speed. The faster the data is updated, the better, because the trader will be able to see a good price for a currency pair. 


  • Huge selection of currencies and metals, so it suits even the most sophisticated traders
  • The charts in cTrader have many functions, you can build them in different ways, customize them to your needs and use ready-made templates. There is also a multi-window mode, when a trader can open the desired charts and save the basic functions. For example, it is possible to monitor the trading process and simultaneously analyze the currency dynamics for a selected period.
  • Ability to develop or combine indicators and scripts for complex analysis and building an effective strategy.
  • Intuitive interface that is understandable even for beginners. It is possible to adapt the workplace to you.
  • Frequently used tools can be fixed and no more searching for the platform functionality.
  • You can even trade from a web page, which was unavailable to the platform’s predecessors.

cTrader saves traders’ most valuable resource – time. The tool helps you to organize your work so that Forex is more exciting and easier to do than it is described in books. 

The only drawback is that there are technical peculiarities of working with ECN accounts.

On the cTrader platform, trades are won more often than when working with other trading platforms.

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