Cloud technology for brokers. New from Devexperts


Devexperts is a software company for the financial industry that has launched a trading platform designed for use by brokers. DXtrade is suitable for use in the OTC Forex markets and for CFD contracts. The development was SaaS-based and supported by Devexperts. It is also hosted on the servers of this company.

The company’s release declares that DXtrade has quality trading risk management. The platform has all the necessary tools to set up the most suitable configurations for the brokers, both from the side of the user application and on the side of the company.

DXtrade is built for trading and allows the broker to customize all patterns according to his individual requirements which will improve the effectiveness of his trading as well as his income. The level of automation of the platform allows the broker to set limits, spreads, mark-ups, and other necessary conditions for the execution of clients’ orders in a variety of instruments. This can be done both at the large group level and at the individual user level. This is useful for creating unique individualized offers for specific segments.

A benefit of the DXtrade platform is the availability of proprietary tools. They are necessary to improve the quality of work with the users. The tools help to attract retail traders. The list of tools includes trading logs for users, a variety of information panels, and more.

The vice president of the company informed that the organization has eighteen years of experience in creating personalized trading solutions, which are used by leading trading brokerage companies. The market segment is increasing and so is the customer flow, which means that the creation of such a platform is necessary for brokers. DXtrade is an innovative solution to brokers’ problems that will raise the level of customer service.

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