Bitcoin is over $47,000 again


During the last week, bitcoin exchange rate fell to $40 thousand. However, on October 1, the value of the main cryptocurrency again rose to $47.7 thousand. 

Within half an hour, BTC rate soared by $3 thousand. Last month the volume of bitcoin transactions increased by 235. 

The dynamics of Bitcoin exchange rate is positively influenced by the news. Thus, the company Visa reports the introduction of a network based on the blockchain, which will allow to convert altcoins and national digital currencies in a short time. In addition, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says that the United States will not support China in its decision to ban operations with cryptocurrencies in the country. 

Analysts suggest that given the current situation, the rate of the main digital currency in the near future may stay above $45,000. Also by the end of October there is a probability of increase in quotes up to $50,000. However, to exceed this mark will require strong incentives, experts say. 

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