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There was a delay in the withdrawal, 5 days I fought for my money, because the application was not even processed. Managers could not say anything clearly. In the end the money came, but a bad feeling remained.

Todd Ross
September 26, 2022

I also had this at the end of August. I fell on the manager’s ear, got an answer, and it turned out to be a technical failure. They were messing around with the system and could not adjust it in any way. In 4 months of cooperation was such a mess once. hopefully, this will not be further

Calvin Gonzales
September 26, 2022

Well, 250 bucks is still not enough, some of these scams are littered with 500-1000 bucks. But even 250 is a pity to give all sorts of crooks…

Malcolm Stewart
September 26, 2022

Such a company, does not inspire confidence at all. The site is just a little-quite decorated. Where is the separate section with the assets, trading platforms, like many other normal brokers? In short, they are just another scam.

Kyler Hernandez
September 26, 2022